About Us

Our Vision

At Vicara, we aim to provide innovative and high quality services - at an attractive and cost effective price - while invariably putting our customers at the heart of our thinking. This is our guiding principle and our fundamental belief.

Our Commitment

Accountability - Quality - Innovation - Cost Control

Our approach is tailored and unique to each client

At Vicara, you, our customer are at the heart of our thinking and drive our company’s vision and day-to-day conduct of business. 

We are a Zürich-based IT services company specializing in Advanced Analytics, Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence for the financial services industry. We provide end-to-end services for projects as well as managed services, outsourcing services and individual consultancy, ranging from project management to testing and quality assurance.

Regional and even global boundaries have practically become non-existent in the financial services world. Competition, partners and customers live and do business anywhere. A global presence is an imperative and the key to many solutions. But the local face, the person that looks you in your eye and says, “Yes, I am your partner, the person you go to when you have a problem and need help,” is gaining value because this model promotes accountability and transparency in business dealings.

Our effective on-shore/off-shore development model

A cornerstone of Vicara’s success, and an enabling ability to deliver quality services with a high degree of cost effectiveness, is our combined on-shore/off-shore development model. While all important customer facing activities are based in Switzerland, we own a fully staffed and highly professional and competent development and engineering center in India. The combination of the two is a powerful and effective delivery organization. Our Project Managers, Analysts and Developers are our face for our customers. Our technology experts in Pune, India, are the brains and body that make things happen.

Our lean management and flat organizational structure ensures agility which allows us to respond rapidly to changes, internal or external, without losing momentum or vision. Our style is uncomplicated and flexible, but our commitment is uncompromising.

The company was founded in 2013 in Zürich by Vivek Bhardwaj, an entrepreneur with over three decades of experience in the global financial services industry. It is ISO9001-2008 accredited and currently has a strong team of 30+ professionals.